Nick Sinclair & team

This is the second time around for Chef Nick Sinclair who returned to Box Hill and his home county in 2014 after an absence of four years,
bringing with him his talented team of gifted youngsters, determined to make their mark together on the Surrey gastronomic scene.

“We work on the menu as a team, bringing in the best seasonal produce for that week, choosing one key element.  We then decide together which two or three other ingredients would work well to complement this first choice and which cooking techniques to use to bring out the best flavour and textures. Our food is not overly complicated - we let these ingredients shine and work with each other, one not overpowering the other.  The key is in the balance between texture and flavour.

“We cook everything we can in-house on a daily basis including baking our own bread, smoking our own fish, making our own ice-creams and patisserie. Eventually, we will grow some of our own vegetables and herbs and will become beekeepers with Emlyn Honey!”